Good Mates

Last night I managed to catch up and have a beer with a good mate of mine Tom that I have known since school. It was great to be able to get together again and share a few yarns over a pint or three out on the farm at Gladfield.

A lot has changed in both our lives since our school days but the thing about a real mate is your friendship never changes and you can always rely on them to keep you honest making sure your feet stay firmly on the ground.

The other great thing about the relationship between Tom and I is that Gabi and his partner both get on well, and we all know how important that is if you want to stay mates, especially when we start telling stories about the old days when we were 10-foot-tall and bulletproof, we drank from larger vessels, there were no consequences to our actions and the booze was cheaper and less drinkable! How we survived is nothing short of a miracle or perhaps it was the fact we always had each other’s back.

One of the great things about Tom, he was as strong as an Ox and still is. It came in handy one night when we were on Contiki and found ourselves about to be mugged in a small alleyway by a group of thugs in Spain. Little did these guys know just how powerful Tom was. They severely underestimated the situation which was no wonder because we certainly gave the impression that we were both completely drunk, the truth is, Tom and I are just naturally loud and clumsy and over-friendly. I can still remember Tom pinning two blokes with each hand up against a brick wall with their legs 6 inches off the ground and telling them in a thick Kiwi accent “I don’t mind you calling me a Crazy Gringo and wanting to steal my money but next time do it with a smile on your faces would ya!”

Tom not only is a powerful bugger with hands the size of dinner plates, but he is also incredibly intelligent which came in handy during 6th form Chemistry. I found it challenging to stay focused at school with numerous distractions namely those wearing short skirts and the fact that I always felt out of my depth when it came to working out the molecular weight of any given substance. Tom saved my bacon on numerous occasions. I always managed to get 3 grades higher than was expected when I sat next to Tom!

All good mates have a weak point which we constantly love reminding each other of. With Tom it is his inability to read the time, clever he may be, but do you think he can turn up less than three hours late to any given event!

One day we had arranged to go up Skiing at Mt Hutt which is about 40 mins up the mountain from Gladfield Farm. The plan was to get up there early so we could make the most of a full day skiing. I was up at sparrow fart, got all my farm work done and got myself ready for Tom to pick me up. True to form Tom was running late. We managed to make our way out onto the slopes 15 minutes after Mid-day. We got one run in each before the wind got up and they decided to close the field due to poor conditions. You guessed it, no refunds if the field closes after 12:00.

With bottom lips dragging on the ground we decided to leg it down the mountain in Tom’s trusty red Honda Accord and make our way to the famous Hororata pub (destroyed in the Canterbury earthquake) and drown our sorrows. The only problem was that Tom is as blind as a bat on the best of days and on this particular day, Tom had forgotten his glasses but was bloody determined to not let me drive his pride and joy. We may not have had much fun on the ski field but by crikey, did I get a months’ worth of adrenalin coming down that mountain.

Life is so much fun when you have a good mate and the great thing about Gladfield is we are everyone’s mate when it comes to malt.

By the way, Gabi told me to tell you about two new malts we have just released, ones called “Black Forest Rye” and the other is called “Go Nutty”! Pretty self-explanatory really.
Email Gabi here for more information or give Gabi a call +64 273927543. Don’t forget our ever-popular Chit malt (be careful how you pronounce that!) We are always innovating and always have a malt for every occasion.

And don’t worry, Gladfield’s always got your back just like a good mate does.