Our Grains

In order to make the best malts, Gladfield Malt uses the best, all natural grains. Grown right here in the heart of the Canterbury Plains, we are world renowned for having the best climate, soil and geography for growing grain and barley.

In addition to what we grow on our own farm, we partner with 100 selected growers from across the Canterbury region to make sure you always have a steady supply to our full range of unique malts.

Our malts are 100% natural, have no genetically-modified (GM) grains, and no chemicals are added at any stage during growing or harvesting to either accelerate germination or alter the malt’s visual appearance. Great tasting beer and whisky relies on top quality, all natural ingredients. Our strict quality control systems make sure that’s exactly what you get, every time you order.

Our distilling malts only use the best quality non-genetically modified barley varieties that have low nitrogen contents, and do not produce carcinogens in finished whisky. How do you recognise a good malt? Gladfield Malts are fat and even, clean and bright, free of dust and chaff. The malt smells sweet and fresh, is beautifully crunchy and tastes great.


We select the best quality locally grown grains for malting based on the results from our on-site laboratory. At all times, Gladfield Malt follows strict quality control guidelines in accordance with our food-safety management standards, so you can be assured of fresh, quality ingredients every time.

Combining our years of experience, tradition, and modern technology, we use our locally grown grain to create truly authentic crafted malts.


Continuing in the proud Kiwi tradition of pioneering, we built the most sophisticated and high tech malting plant in New Zealand. Using our own malting plant gives us total control of the roasting process, so we can work with you to create the next unique malt for your brewing recipe.

Like our malting plant, our roaster is the most modern in Australasia and we use this technology to work with you in producing our coloured and speciality malt range.


Distillers take note: Gladfield Malt uses an in-house smoker to produce beautiful, unique smokey malts.

We are currently producing a Peat Smoked Malt and a Manuka Smoked Malt that are primarily suited for use in single malt distilling. We can smoke your malt to order.

Whatever the size of your distillery operation, we want to work with you to create the best whiskies.


At Gladfield Malt, we believe in forming partnerships with our customers. Like you, we are dreamers and are always looking for ideas to create new colours and flavours. If you want to make a unique brew packed full of flavour, we can customise your malt order. Talk to us to see how we can help you.


We support our customers by providing batch or lot analysis about our malts before you start brewing or distilling.


Gladfield Malts are sold in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, and 500kg bulk bags and we use a unique colour-coded system for easy identification. We are happy to customise the size of bulk packaging for you from 400kg to 850kg bags.

As well as growing and processing our malt, we are also the distributor, which means you can buy from us directly. This cuts out the middle-man and ensures you get the right quantity of our top quality ingredients.

We ship our malts on a CIF (cos, insurance, freight) basis. We can load containers with palletized or loose stacked in 20’ or 40’ containers. To ensure you never run out of malt during your brewing, we can provide bulk malt silos for your site.


Our pioneering attitude extends past our farm, and into your brewery. How can we work with you to streamline your brewing process? Our popular 25kg bag has been specially designed so that it does not need to be opened with a sharp tool, and we can also mix a beer recipe into a bulk bag to save you time at the brewery. If you have an idea for better brewing that will save you time, please let us know.

Contact us today with your feedback or to customise your next order.