Improving your Handicap

Improving your Handicap

Just like playing golf or any sport for that matter, it’s so much more enjoyable when you are good at what you do. But it is even more fun if you win now and then.

Of course, when it comes to golf, the lower your handicap, the better your chances of winning. Whether its sport or business, everybody has a different level of skill, experience, resources or qualities that will affect their handicap.

Some people are happy with a 20, handicap some people are happy with a 10 and some people are only happy with a 5 or lower.

No matter what your handicap is, it always feels good when you lower it. Like the old man said the secret to happiness is having a win now and then and unfortunately that doesn’t happen unless you keep working on your handicap.

Gladfield is all about helping its customers reduce their handicap, which is why we are launching the Gladfield Malt roadshow first in New Zealand and then following in Australia.

The roadshow is targeted towards brewery staff and decision makers who are involved in the daily production of beer. This is the type of thing we do in farming on a regular basis which we call a “field day”. But instead of a small group of farmers getting together out in the paddock and discussing new farming practices and looking at field trials of the latest agrichemicals, equipment or management techniques, this is about brewers getting the chance to have a brewer’s “field day” and help lower their handicap.

The event will be focusing on the latest brewing aids that are now available, their right application, and how to get the best out of them for different brewing setups. Nick Brading from Murphy and Son will be talking and giving demonstrations of just what can now be achieved with some of the latest brewing aids. This area of brewing is becoming more and more relevant as brewers stretch the boundaries with their growing range of beer styles.

Daniel McCulloch of Lallemand Yeast will also be talking about Yeast nutrition and management with different products now available.

Mic Heynekamp of Eddyline Brewery is our Key Note speaker and will be sharing some handy tips on water treatment and different techniques for basic lab testing in your brewery.

The great thing about the Gladfield roadshow is they are free to attend they are local in your area, so you don’t need to travel far. They offer practical and relevant advice that can have an instant impact on the profitability and efficiency of your brewery. They are educational for the young guys and girls on the floor or the most experienced brewer who wants to keep up with the latest products. They are also relevant for the home brewer who is looking for a one handicap!

For more information, check out the Gladfield roadshow flyer or send me an email. Together with Gladfield, we will help lower your handicap and keep you one jump ahead of the field. If you are in Australia watch this space as we roll out the dates for your nearest city soon.