When selecting barley for the Gladfield Shield we are looking at a number of factors that allow us to select the top grain for that season. First off the grain must be clean of ay defects that can affect its final quality. This means no skinned grains where the husk has been partially or wholly removed. No growth split in the grain indicating moisture damage to the ripened grain prior to harvest and finally no pre-spout or field sprouted grains.
The barley must have a good test weight, low screenings and a nitrogen level that meets the quality parameters.

Even with these tight criteria we often still have a long list of barley lines to choose from so the next thing that we look at is the grains germination characteristics and how it performed in the malting process. How did the finished ,alt from this line of barley stack up with the rest of the malt produced throughout the year?

The final selection is usually limited to a very select few barley lines at which point they are evaluated by the trained eyes of the maltsters and quality personnel on site who give each barley a rank then the results are complied and we have our top grower for the year.


2018 growing season winners – The Creeside Family of Methven
2017 growing season winners – John & Debra McLachlan of Lakeside
2016 growing season winners – Nigel Greenwood of Lakeside