Our Goal

We want to make the world’s best malt.

It’s simple when you think about it. The Michael family has been growing malting barley in Canterbury for five generations. The climate, the soil and our geography all combine to make the South Island of New Zealand one of the best malting barley growing regions in the world.

At the beginning of the new millennium, farmers Doug and Gabi Michael witnessed the birth of the craft beer revolution. Smaller brewers were popping up across New Zealand, experimenting with new recipes, and looking for quality grains and malts to give their beer exciting colour and flavour.

Since then, Gladfield Malt has grown from strength to strength, in part due to their progressive farming techniques, and their technological innovations in the roasting process. It’s also fair to say Gladfield Malt’s growth has been supported by the successes of the brewers who use their new and ever expanding range of malts.

Along the way, we picked up the DB’s Morton Coutts Trophy for Innovation and Achievement in 2015 for our development and expansion of New Zealand-based and speciality malts. We’re also members of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand and Craft Beer Industry Association of Australia.

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What Makes Gladfield Malt Different?

We have control over the whole malting process. From how the malt and grains are grown, harvested, roasted and processed, our team at Gladfield Malt are in charge at every step along the way. Quality control is so important to us, because we understand the impact our ingredients have on your end product. We want to help you deliver a consistent colour and flavour to your customers every time.

Gladfield Malts are 100% Natural

The best tasting beers and whiskies are made from all natural ingredients, so that’s exactly what we supply. When you choose Gladfield Malt, you’re choosing 100% pure New Zealand malt. We use no genetically modified grains, no chemicals are added to the steep water to accelerate germination, and the grains are not bleached to alter the malt’s appearance.

For whisky distillers, we make sure our barley is low in nitrogen to ensure a smoother and overall natural taste in your finished product.

Supporting Brewers And Distillers Of All Sizes

Because we are passionate about growing and roasting the best grains and malts, we want to work with people just as passionate for brewing great beer. No matter who you are, or how big your brewing operation, we want to support you in making quality beer that gets people talking and drives innovation within the craft beer industry.

Most of the larger craft breweries in New Zealand today started in Kiwi garages and bathrooms. Who knows where your passion could take you? At Gladfield Malt, we still believe that the home brewers of today are the pro-brewers of tomorrow, so whatever stage you are at on your brewing journey, we want to come along for the ride.

We’re all about forming partnerships that stand the test of time and produce quality whiskies and beers for years to come. Tell us what you want to create! Using our on-site laboratory, modern roaster, smoker and expertise, we can work with you to create a unique, flavoursome malt that sets you apart!

Let us know if you would like a sample of our product, or to find a local Gladfield Malt stockist.

Buy Direct From Gladfield Malt

In addition to growing and roasting, Gladfield Malt also sells our malt range directly to brewers and distillers across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific. We have distribution warehouses across Australasia, which means you can buy from us directly wherever you are in the world, cutting out the middle-man, safe in the knowledge you’re getting the same product you’d find on our farm in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Let’s start something new. Contact Gladfield Malt for a sample, or to enquire about shipping to your part of the world.




Our History

The Birth Of Gladfield Malt

Born and raised in Dunsandel, Canterbury, Doug Michael is a fifth generation barley grower, and together with his wife Gabi, they are proudly raising the sixth.

Gladfield Malt started as a dream. At 21 years old Doug purchased his own farm, and after many years of working to grow grain for another malting company, he and Gabi, decided to start their own craft malting plant on their farm.

It was almost unheard of for a smaller grain, barley and malt grower to dream of challenging the established malting giants, but in 2004, with the introduction of a modern high-tech malting facility Gladfield Malt was born.

Today, Gladfield Malt has a great team helping them to make the world’s best pure malt. In addition to owning one of the most modern malt roasters in Australasia, Gladfield Malt is also home to an on-site laboratory, and a smoker to create unique malts for whisky distillers.

We are constantly working with our loyal clients across New Zealand and around the globe to give them the edge in the marketplace, and assist them in making deliciously natural craft beer and whiskies.

To help us provide our unique range of malts, and to meet all of your demand, Gladfield Malt works with 100 other growers around the Canterbury region. Rest assured, whenever you buy Gladfield Malt, you can expect consistent, quality ingredients that give you the best end result.

Today, Gladfield Malt produces 29 quality malts and has a proven track record of supplying malts to brewers and distillers all year around, all around the globe.

We want to work with you to create unique beers and whiskies. For inspiration, check out our Malt Range.




Our Values

Malt Quality

We won’t compromise on quality. Full stop.

We won’t distribute malts if they don’t meet our malt specifications. If you believe the malt you receive is not up to your normal expectations, we want to know about it. Please contact us immediately.

Our commitment to you is supplying unique, natural, GM Free, high-quality malts that brew or distil consistently all year round. To help us achieve this Gladfield Malt has strict, internationally recognised quality and food-safety management standards.



Customer Service

Our clients trust and depend on us to deliver high-quality malts on time every time. We also know that once you have used Gladfield Malt in your next recipe, you won’t want to go back.

When you buy from Gladfield Malt, you are entering into a relationship with a trusted partner. One that wants to help your business succeed by making flavoursome and unique beers and whiskies.

As our customer, you become part of the Gladfield Malt family. We want to hear from you, learn from you, improve with you and experiment with your ideas. We are always open to feedback, so if you have an idea for a new malt, you want to streamline your brewing process, or there is room for us to improve, let us know.

Membership and Sponsorship

Gladfield Malt has a proud history of sponsoring many organisations and events in New Zealand, Australia and China. We want to be an active member of New Zealand’s, Australia’s and the world’s brewing industry.

We are a Corporate Member of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand and a General Associate Member of the Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) in Australia. We also sponsor a number of events in New Zealand and Australia like the NZ Home Brew Conference, the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards, the Australian CBIA – Craft Beer Awards, and the Australia National Home Brew Conference. If there is a local event you think we should be involved in, let us know!