At Gladfield Malt we love creating 100% natural, fresh, quality malts, and helping craft brewers create the best beers possible.

What do you need to make brewing easy? First, all our malts are grown on the Canterbury Plains in the South Island of New Zealand. The region we are proud to call home is known all over the world as having the ideal climate, soil, and geographical conditions to grow top quality malts.

Gladfield Malt is also family owned and run. We create malt because we love it. It’s our driving passion, and we love partnering with craft brewers who share our passion for natural, quality craft beers. We oversee the growing, harvesting, and roasting of each and every batch of malt. You can be rest assured that every malt order delivered to you has gone through our strict quality control measures, so you can create a consistent craft beer.

We see the relationship between Gladfield Malt and craft brewers as a partnership. We want to support you, help you grow and see you succeed. We love hearing that a craft beer that uses Gladfield Malt has won an award, or is being supplied to supermarket chains. We believe that when you win, we win.

How can Gladfield Malt help you brew better? We provide our malts in colour coded packaging so it’s easy for you to identify. As well as growing and supplying the malt, we also distribute it and will sell directly to you. No middle-man. Whether you’re anywhere in New Zealand, Australia or overseas, when you need more malt, you deal directly with us at all times.

The craft beer industry is fairly new, but growing fast across New Zealand and Australia. This rapid growth means many craft breweries are in different stages of expansion and need the ability to customise orders. Gladfield Malt wants to work with to help your dreams take off. Big or small, just starting out or rapidly expanding, Gladfield Malt can supply the ingredients to help your craft beer dreams come alive. For more information or to place an order, contact Gladfield Malt today.


We can mix all your ingredients for your craft beer recipe into one bulk bag to save you time at the brewery. We can also provide your craft brewery with silos to reduce your handling and storage issues, while making sure you’ve always got enough malt to keep production going.


At Gladfield Malt, we’re dedicated to helping craft brewers brew better beers. We produce 29 high-quality, hand-crafted, 100% natural base and speciality malts, all prime for your unique beers. Want to extend your craft beer selection? Check out our range of unique malts and prepare to be inspired.


If you can’t find what you are looking for in our existing malt range, that’s ok. We pride ourselves on working with craft brewers like you to create unique malts and exciting new flavours. We can customise malt blends to match your experimental new recipe.

We’ve got 100 of the best, most consistent, quality growers supplying us exclusively from the Canterbury region, and have enough capacity to cater to all breweries, big and small. We love craft brewers the world over. If you’re based in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Pacific, or anywhere else in the world, good news! You can always buy directly from Gladfield Malt.

To place an order, or to find out more about our extensive range of unique malts, contact Gladfield Malt today.