We can provide home brewers with any of our malts from as little as 1kg at a time. Buying from Gladfield Malt is the only way to keep your home brew completely natural, and really impress your friends and fellow home brewers.

Gladfield’s malts are all export quality, high efficient malts. Our brewers claim that they have 89-95% efficiency with our malts compared with 70-75% Australian-made malts, and you can expect the same results at home.

Grown in Canterbury, we use 100% natural GM-free barley. We use no chemicals, just water, barley, air, and 1000 hours of sunshine. The result for you as a home brewer is an innovative beer full of flavour and colour.

Pilot / Test Brewing Facility

Brewers want uniform extracts, flavours and colours every time you brew.

We have invested in a 50 litres pilot brewing scheme where we test our malts and formulate new recipes.