Every one of Gladfield Malt’s 29 varieties is available to Australian craft brewers, with no minimum order.

Gladfield Malt deals directly through our three Australian-based warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. At all times you’ll deal directly with us, so there’s no need to go through an Australian distributor. This means craft brewers all over Australia can talk with us, the growers, doing away with the middle-man and getting a product that’s as fresh as if you were in the paddock next door.

With the most modern malt roaster in Australasia, Gladfield Malt can create a wide range of flavours to suit your next recipe. We also have an on-site laboratory and all our malt batches are rigorously tested to ensure a high-quality, consistent product all year-round. What we’ll ship to you in Australia is the same product we’d sell straight from our farm in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Our Australian warehouses are constantly being refreshed with our full range of malts. When you place an order, your malt will be coming straight from one of our Australian warehouses. That means shorter waiting times, and ensuring you still receive a high-quality malt.

Gladfield Malt provides recipe conversions and our app is available on the iOS and Android stores. With our unique flavours of both coloured and speciality malt products – all with very high efficiencies – Gladfield Malt will keep you ahead in the market. Before it’s a great beer, it’s a great malt.

If you’re a professional craft brewer in Australia, get in touch with us today.




If you’re a home brewer in Australia, you can buy Gladfield Malt at home brew suppliers throughout Australia.

Australian Distributor to the Home Brew Market

Beer Co
Dermott Dowling
Ph: +61 400 040 195
Visit: beerco.com.au

Retail Partners:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Brew Your Own
Ph: +61 2 6296 1412
Visit: www.brewyourown.com.au


Bett-A-Brew Beer & Wine Making Supplies
Ph: +61 7 5594 0388
Visit: www.ibrew.com.au

Brewers Choice
Ph: +61 7 3271 1373 (Wacol)
Ph: +61 7 3356 0527 (Stafford)
Visit: www.brewerschoice.com.au

Burleigh Home Brew & Bar Supplies
Ph: +61 7 5535 5652
Visit: www.burleighhomebrew.com.au

Ph: +61 7 3823 5252
Visit: www.craftbrewer.com.au

Homebrewers Warehouse
Ph: +61 7 4728 1261
Visit: www.homebrewerswarehouse.com.au

Hoppy Days Brewing Supplies
Ph: +61 4 7590 3350
Visit: www.hoppydaysbrewingsupplies.com.au

National Homebrew
Ph: +61 7 4128 2033
Visit: www.nationalhomebrew.com.au

Toowoomba Home Brewers
Ph: +61 7 4639 5277
Visit: www.toowoombahomebrewers.com.au

South Australia

Beer Belly
Ph: +61 8 7230 0258
Visit: shop.beerbelly.com.au

Retail Partners:


Tasmanian Home Brewing Supplies
Ph: +61 3 6234 6230
Visit: www.brewtas.com.au


Aussie Brewmakers
Ph: +61 3 5779 1075
Visit: www.aussiebrewmakers.com.au

Bendigo Malt & Hops
Visit: www.bendigomaltnhops.com

Clever Brewing
Ph: +61 3 9017 4140
Visit: www.cleverbrewing.com.au

Grain and Grape
Ph: +61 3 9687 0061
Visit: www.grainandgrape.com.au

Home Make It
Ph: +61 3 9574 8222
Visit: www.homemakeit.com.au

KegLand Bayswater North VIC
Ph: +61 3 9018 7935
Visit: www.kegland.com.au

Ph: +61 3 5250 2056
Visit: www.wallingtons.com.au/home-brewing

New South Wales

Country Brewer
Ph: +61 2 4933 0058
Visit: www.countrybrewer.com.au

The Brew Shop
Ph: +61 2 4625 6800 (Campbelltown)
+61 2 9521 1091 (Kirrawee)
+61 2 9521 1091(Nowra)
+61 2 9533 5952 (Peakhurst)
Visit: www.thebrewshop.com.au

Sydney Home Brew
Ph: +61 2 8399 0633

The Hop & Grain Brew Store
Ph: +61 2 9516 3008
Visit: www.thehopandgrain.com.au

Western Australia

Bulk Brewing Supplies
Visit: www.bulkbrewingsupplies.com.au

Urban Brew Co
Visit: www.urbanbrewco.com.au