Doug Michael, a Kiwi fifth-generation malting barley grower, and his Brazilian wife Gabi, a vet and farmer, set out on their farm with a clear goal: to take care of the craft brewing industry first while making the world’s best malt.

Any grain not grown on its own Dunsandel farm in Canterbury is supplied by 45 select growers from the region, ensuring what started local, stays local.

We are maltsters, and our aim is to make premium malts so that brewers and distillers can make unique beers and whiskies that are full of flavour.

In 2015 we were delighted to win DB’s Morton Coutts Trophy for Innovation and Achievement for our development and expansion of New Zealand-based and speciality malts. We’re also members of the Brewers Guild and CBIA (Australia).

What makes Gladfield Malt different?

We are a family-run business, in the unique position of being in complete control over:

• the grains we use
• the malts we make
• the distribution of our product

We never have to compromise on quality.

Gladfield Malts are 100% natural

No genetically modified grains are used to make our malts, no chemical are added to the steep water to accelerate germination, and no bleach is added to the grain to change the malt’s visual appearance. That makes Gladfield’s malts 100% natural.

Our distilling malts only use the best quality non-genetically barley varieties that:

• Have low nitrogen contents
• Do not produce carcinogens in the finished whisky

Working with brewers and distillers

Gladfield Malt is passionate about making malts and want to work with you. With the help of our on-site laboratory, modern roaster, smoker and our expertise, we can work with you to make an unique flavoursome malt.

Buy Direct from Gladfield Malt

Gladfield Malt sells our malt range directly to brewers in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific, and can ship anywhere in the world. We also have distribution channels throughout China, Taiwan and Philippines.




Our History

Our business

Born and raised in Dunsandel, Canterbury, Doug Michael is the fifth generation of his family to grow barley.

At 21 years old he purchased his own farm and after many years of working punishingly-long days to grow grain for another malting company, he and his wife Gabi, a vet and farmer from Brazil, decided to break free and start up their own craft malting plant on their farm from scratch.

In 2004, with a modern high-tech malting facility in tow, Gladfield Malt was born.

Today, Gladfield Malt has a great team helping them to help them make the world’s best pure malt.

Its very loyal clients (across New Zealand and the globe) believe that Gladfield Malt gives them the edge in the marketplace, and enable them to make completely natural craft beer.

Anything not grown on Gladfield Malt’s own farm comes from 45 other growers from the Canterbury region.

Pilot brewing laboratory

To ensure consistent supply of high quality malts, Gladfield Malt invested in a fully-equipped modern laboratory to be able to test every batch of malt that we produce.

We have also invested in a 50-litre pilot brewing system so we can trial the new malts that we develop. We make the pilot brewery available to any brewer who would like to try a new malt recipe combination.




Today, Gladfield Malt produces 26 quality malts and has a proven track record of supplying malts that perform consistently all year around.

Whether you are a brewer or a distiller you can trust us to work with you to help you make unique beers and whiskies.



Our Values

Malt Quality

We won’t compromise on quality.

  • We won’t sell malts if they don’t meet or exceed our malt specifications.
  • We want to maintain our reputation for producing high-quality malts that brew or distil consistently all year around.

Customer Service

We know that it will be our family values, malt quality and customer service that will keep our customers coming back. Our clients trust and depend on us to deliver high-quality malts on time every time.

Working together

When you buy from Gladfield Malt, you will be entering into a relationship with a trusted partner. One that wants to help your business succeed with making flavoursome and unique beers.


Gladfield Malt has a proud history of sponsoring many organisations and events in New Zealand, Australia and China.

Our sponsorships for 2016 are listed below:

    1. Platinum sponsors: NZ Home Brew Conference
    2. Champion NZ Brewery Sponsor for 2016 of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Award
    3. Trophy sponsor in 2016 of the Australian CBIA – Craft Beer Awards
    4. Australia National Home Brew Conference 2016


    1. General Associate Member of the CBIA Craft Beer Industry Association in Australia
    2. Corporate Member Brewers Guild of New Zealand


Gladfield Malt has the following Certifications:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)

Gladfield Malt adheres to strict control standards and has implemented the internationally recognised quality and food-safety management system HACCP. We are fully Certified and ensure that high standards of food-safety management are maintained at all times.




We have available free Certificate of Origin; please contact us to obtain that if you need.


We were delighted to win the DB Morton Coutts Award for Innovation and Achievement in 2015 for our development and expansion of the New Zealand based malting and speciality malting markets. We love what we do, but we were proud and humbled that our industry peers recognised our hard work and dedication.





“We have been using Gladfield Malt at Southern Bay Brew Co for over 12 months and have never been disappointed. We always get fantastic extract yield and the difference the relative freshness of these malts makes needs to be experienced to be properly understood. They are also establishing a catalogue of unique malts that will help any brewer create beers of exceptional quality.”

Phil Rutjens

“Gladfield Malt are a key supplier for League of Brewers (Home Brew Supplies in Nelson, New Zealand). The quality of product and support we receive from Gladfield is fantastic and they are a pleasure to deal with. We get great feedback from our customers on their range of malts and use it ourselves for our own brewing.

The journey to making great craft beer includes the story of what went in to making it and the relationships you form along the way, as well as the quality of the ingredients you use. Gladfield come out top in all these areas.”

Mike Stringer

“I co-own and operate Kereru Brewing Company in Upper Hutt and we exclusively brew all of our beers using Gladfield’s incredible line of malts. Gladfield has always been responsive to our needs and have developed several malts at our request which you can now use and enjoy too. Their roasted barley was one of the first specialty malts produced and we use it to brew our multiple award-winning Moonless Stout.

Thank you Doug and Gabi; Kereru wouldn’t be what we are today without your hard work and dedication to providing the best malts anyone could ask for.”

Chris Mills

“From the first time I went out to Gladfields malters I knew it would be great to get their malt in my shop (Finney’s Homebrew Emporium). To have local, fresh malt, made by some of the most passionate people was a dream match up for me.

Over the last two years I have seen them grow and grow and are so great at keeping supply going, and helping me out (who must be a small drop in their ocean) and more importantly my homebrewing customers going with great malt.

Keep up the great work you are doing, and here’s to another 2 years of great homebrewing!!”

Paul Finney

“I have been brewing for a number of years and use Gladfields Malt where possible. Having recently moved into retail at Brewphoria we recommend Gladfield Malt to all of our customers over anything else. You can’t beat the quality and freshness and the malt gets delivered directly from the maltster. With no middle man you can be assured it hasn’t been sitting on a boat or in a warehouse for months on end. I wouldn’t sell anything to a customer that I wouldn’t use myself.”

Dene McDonald

“Despite having some pretty solid malting quality barley grown around us in the midlands of Tasmania, since crossing over to Gladfield Malt, we’ve seen a marked improvement of the quality and consistency of all our beers, ranging from a belgian witbier through to an oatmeal stout. We specifically made the change to Gladfield to improve body and texture in our beers, and its a decision that we haven’t regretted. Im particularly pleased with the attributes displayed in the beers from the Aurora, Gladiator and Shepards Delight malts. They’ve certainly added the the malt complexity and enjoyment of our amber ale particularly. Cheers team.”

Will Tatchell, Head Brewer, Van Dieman Brewing

“Absolutely love Gladfield! We use it as a base for both of our beers. It’s quick to convert and always fresher than any other product I’ve used. In our farmhouse ale we use Gladfield exclusively with Pilsner, Vienna and Wheat bringing a delicious baked pastry and honeysuckle sweetness to the beer which is very ubiquitous to New Zealand barley. To top it off they are some of the loveliest people Ive come across in this business. You really can’t go wrong with this great New Zealand company!”

Adam Sparks

“We love using Gladfield malt at The Public Brewery – consistent grain size make milling a breeze, outstanding performance in the mash tun both in extract quality, lautering and clarity. Best of all, it helps our beers taste great!!”

Brendan Guild

“By far the best and consistent malt I have ever used. I was skeptical at first with the higher price, but the increased efficiency we gained, the far superior flavour profile as well as the freshness we get bag after bag, has made it more than worth using over any other product. The consistency of nice big, plump grain size also gives the same crush every time, so we know what we are getting for every brew.

Gabi and Doug are always quick to get back to us with any additional information or advice. I could not rate or recommend Gladfield Malt highly enough.”

Cavalier Brewing

“Well known craft brewing supplier Gladfield Malt of Canterbury has worked closely with us to perfect the brand new Manuka Smoked Malt for the brewing and distilling markets. Gladfield have designed and engineered a custom smoker to impart the best Manuka and smoke flavours into the finished malt. Responsible for the germination, smoking and kilning of the malts prior to distillation, it is a world first for Gladfield Malt as well.”

Matt Thomson – Thomson Whisky

When we look for specialty roasted New Zealand malts, we look to Gladfield. Carefully crafted roasted malts for our carefully crafted brews. We keep it real – they keep it simple – Quality malt, quality beer.

Boundary Road Brewery

The malts produced by Gladfield arrive fresh, smell great, and provide delicious flavours. We also think using speciality malts produced in the most modern roaster in the world is pretty awesome.

Two Thumb Brewing Co

Gladfield expertly crafts the finest malt which is always consistent in performance and gives great yield extract. The Malted Barley is not only packaged in 25kg bags for easier handling, but has very clean polished and dust free corns.


Gladfield malts – both organic and standard – are a pleasure to work with, consistent and everything we require – plus some. Backed up by excellent service, I would thoroughly recommend any brewer to get Gladfield malts “inside”.

The Mussel Inn

We have won several best of classes with beers brewed with Gladfield malt, including the best pilsner 2012.

Tuatara Brewing

We are very excited about Gladfield’s new roaster so now they can provide us with the freshly made crystal and other speciality malts that we love to play around with in our real ales.

The Twisted Hop

Gladfield fully deserve their prominent position in the New Zealand craft brewing scene. It’s wonderful to have such dedicated suppliers right on our doorstep.

Cassels & Sons Brewery