Yummy Toffee!

Yummy Toffee!

Toffee in the confectionery world can mean almost anything, sugar and butter with almost any ingredients added in such as raisins or nuts. It can be soft and sticky or aerated and crunchy. However in the world of malt it means only one thing Gladfield Toffee Malt.

Toffee is perfect malt for those summer-time beers. It brings some nice light caramel sweet flavours and a refreshing – but not over the top sweetness that compliments summertime pale ales, light lagers and golden ales. It is best utilized in lighter colour beers where it can impart all of its great flavours without increasing beer colour.

There are some tricks to utilizing this malt, due to its low colour it retains more moisture than a typical crystal malt. This gives the malt its unique chewy toffee texture and flavour, but also makes it difficult to mill on its own. Due to the small kernel size it can simply slip through a mill gap that is setup for our plump base malts, this problem can be overcome quite easily by mixing the Toffee malt in your recipe with the base malt. Then mill them both together to make sure the Toffee malt is crushed properly.

It is no surprise that Gladfield Toffee Malt makes an appearance in most of the summer beers we brew here at Gladfield. Including the staff favourite – Gladfield Harvest Wheat!

Below are some recipes for you to enjoy brewing:

Gladfield Harvest Wheat
3.59kg Lager Light Malt (60%)
1.79kg Wheat Malt (30%)
0.3kg Toffee Malt (5%)
0.3kg Munich Malt (5%)
60min – 19g Pacific Jade
10min – 19g NZ Cascade
0min – 20g **Brewers Choice!
Dry – 20g **Brewers Choice!
Target Original Gravity 1.056
Estimated ABV 5.5%
Mash at 66.5°C
Target IBU 33
*The hop in this beer is the only change I make on a regular basis. Tweak as taste and availability allows!

Gladfield IPA
6.5kg American Ale Malt (86%)
0.6kg Wheat Malt (8%)
0.3kg Toffee Malt (4%)
0.15kg Sour Grapes Malt (2%)
60min – 33.9g Nelson Sauvin
10min – 29.4g Nelson Sauvin
5min – 15.8g Nelson Sauvin
5min – 15.8g Pacific Jade
5min – 15.8g Southern Cross
Dry (3 days) – 26g Southern Cross
Dry(3 days) – 28g Nelson Sauvin
Dry(3 days) – 26g Pacifica
Target Original Gravity 1.067
Estimated ABV 6.8%
Mash at 66°C
Target IBU 68

Gladfield ESB
5.87kg Gladfield Ale Malt (90%)
0.40kg Gladfield Toffee (6.2%)
0.25kg Gladfield Dark Crystal (3.8%)
60min – 36g Green Bullet
10min – 15g NZ Goldings
5min – 15g NZ Fuggles
0min – 10g NZ Fuggles
0min – 5g NZ Goldings
Target Original Gravity 1.056
IBU 65
Colour 17 EBC
Est ABV 5.7
Mash Temp 66°C

Written by Caleb DeFrees – Gladfield Malt Production Manager and Gladfield Pilot Brewery guru

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