Why have we created the Supernova malt?

Why have we created the Supernova malt?

Less is more, keep it simple. At Gladfield we have been striving to help brewers create the perfect beer. Over the last 13 years we have made many innovations to do just that, such as our Toffee malt, Shepherds Delight and Redback malt. Our latest malt called Supernova is really hitting the mark and brewers like Kelly Ryan from Fork and Brewer and Steve Ploughman from Hallertau Brewery, to name a few, are really impressed with what this malt is doing for their beers.

So what is Supernova and what is it designed for? Supernova is roasted malt produced from fully modified green malt (fully modified green malt is barley that is germinated  through a normal steeping regime with a typical 5 day germination using a temperature profile suited for medium to  high protein modification). The green malt is then transferred to the roaster instead of the kiln. From here the process differs from crystal malt in the fact that the green malt is not saccharified in the roaster, but instead is roasted slowly to an end finish point of 114 EBC colour.

The finished malt has higher fermentability than crystal malt; as a result it gives a drier finish to the beer while still adding some malty caramel flavour tones instead of the sweeter caramel aftertaste that can be attributed to adding too much crystal malts.

The Supernova is designed to not over power the hops in a Pale Ale, American Amber Ale or NZ style IPA but still gives balanced malt depth to the finished beer.

Keeping it simple is the key to Supernova. Only one base malt is recommend (our Gladfield Pilsner or American Ale) to help balance out the toastiness which can detract from the hop flavour. We believe that by only using Supernova in percentages up to 25% along with our Pilsner or American Ale, not only keeps the brewing process simple, but allows the beer drinker to clearly identify a balanced malt cushion under the hop flavours and aromas.

At Gladfield we really want beer lovers to enjoy well balanced beers and keeping it simple is a breeze for brewers who choose to brew with our malts!

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