When the shit hits the fan

The old man used to tell me whenever the shit hits the fan, “Stop growling there is always someone worse off than yourself”, (easier said than done). That used to wind me up even more because all I really wanted was a bit of sympathy and be told I was good enough.

The old bugger was always right though, the worst thing to do when things go pear-shaped is to wallow in self-pity. It just clouds the brain stopping you from making good decisions and putting you behind the 8 ball when it comes to getting back on your feet.

Actually, when you think about it, the old man has a habit of being right about things. It’s a funny old world though that doesn’t turn a full circle and kick you up the backside when you least expect it. At 76 the Old man is kind of in the firing line now, so what is his tactic for stopping the brain from going all cloudy?
It’ s pretty simple really, here are two basics that he used tell us kids that actually work!

1. Charity begins at home, look after the family, Mum first she is the powerhouse in any home, works twice as hard for her. (we would get a clip round the ear if we didn’t, not sure if you can use that type of motivation anymore. Lol)

2. Help anyone and everyone, you will be so busy helping everyone you won’t have time to worry about your troubles and before you know it you will have forgotten what all the dam fuss was about.

I haven’t said much about my Mum but when it comes to working no one can hold a candle to her. If you need inspiration in tough times, then look no further. Mum is half German, half Scottish. In other words, one half never stops working and the other half works harder just to spite the other half!

Gladfield wants to help you, your part of our family and I’m determined to show my mum up at least once in my lifetime! So, if you need a hand get in touch.

At Gladfield we understand that if your business is solely dependent on keg sales or on-premises sales and you are not able to get the packaged beer out then it will be extremely tough. Give me a call and we can arrange free credit on any of your accounts for as long as it takes. Please don’t stress we can look after you in many ways, just pick up the phone and say G’day if we haven’t already got in touch.

Its right about now that I am glad that I was a country boy and that I listened to my old man and not those clever business advisers. When we were kids, we used to spend day after day during the summer making hay and carting thousands of small bales into our many hay sheds. It was bloody hard work, we used to get blisters on our hands and thistles in our bare legs not to mention getting sunburnt to buggery. We used to ask Dad why we needed to have so much hay in the shed and he would say in case we have a hard winter or a drought next year.

Let Gladfield help you because we can and let’s write history, we are all in this together, and we are all good enough!