We are all humans…

We are all humans…

Did you like that one, did you? Well, you’ll like this one……There was a young……..

I’ve had a real laugh reading some of the yarns sent back about the in-laws! However, a number of people have expressed concern over confidentiality and keeping onside with their family, so we have decided not to disclose any of your stories unless requested. Dam new P.C. editing rules! Life was so much more fun back in the ’80s. Keep those stories coming in anyway so we can choose a winner to come and catch some fish with Gladfield!

This week I thought I would tell you about being dumb. The old man always told me that if my brains were gun powder, it wouldn’t blow my hat off! I used to tell him well its good to know that the apple hasn’t rolled too far from the tree! Of course, after getting a clip around the ear for being cheeky, I couldn’t help myself by saying, no brain no pain. Now that was dumb! Anyhow, I have to thank the old man for teaching me one of the most important life lessons and that is being able to laugh at my self and accept that I do a lot of dumb things. The trouble now days is that we never really talk about the dumb things we do anymore. We only talk about the dumb things other people do. Social media is great like that it always makes us look good eh.

In our family each night at meal time we go around the table and we each talk about the biggest stuff up we did for the day, we then proceed to take the mickey out of each other for our stupidities, it is quite hilarious meal times at the Michael’s and very character building. Of course, Gabi and I always finish off by celebrating our success with plenty of craft beer that has Gladfield inside, (it’s always full of sunshine which makes it taste better, a glass of sunshine is always a glass half full, not a glass half empty)

One of my major stuff ups happened a while ago when I took the fridge to get repaired. After it was fixed, I picked it up and went to take it home on the back of the Ute. Somehow, I must not have secured it properly because once I got up to 100 km/hr on the back-country road home all of a sudden I heard a noise when I looked in the rear vision mirror all I could see was the fridge bouncing down the road. I threw it back on the truck (anger makes you strong sometimes) and took it straight back to the repairman. He was surprised to see me back so quickly, I told him with a straight face that I wasn’t happy, and I didn’t think he had made a very good job of fixing my fridge. He replied, “well how the hell would you know you haven’t been away long enough to even have plugged it in”.

I said, “well you come and have a look at it!” Needless to say, I had to tell Gabi that the guy couldn’t fix the fridge which is why I brought her a new one.

You can imagine young Bell, Fred and Trev had fun taking the mickey out of me that night, my stuff up was a bit bigger than leaving my lunch box at school or putting my shoes on the wrong feet!

Hope you are enjoying our malt, now that is one thing we didn’t stuff up. Have a great week, and if you are wondering where the sunshine has gone some days, it’s all inside Gladfield Malt, and the only way you can get it back out again is turning it into beer. 😊 We love our job!

Thanks for supporting our malts and I am always keen to hear from you.


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