Versatile Malt – Gladiator

Versatile Malt – Gladiator

Gladiator Malt is one of the most functional malts that can be added to a brew. With just a 5 to 10% addition Gladfield Gladiator malt can boost foam stability and increase a beer final gravity with little impact on colour or flavour.

This is made possible by our own custom process which involves starting the malt at a moderate level of modification, a careful stewing to form dextrins and Maillard reaction products followed by a final kilning to lock all these functional components into the malt.

These dextrins are short chained carbohydrates than won’t be broken down by alpha and beta Amylase in the mash or fermented by the yeast; Leaving these carbohydrates in the beer to increase the body and fullness.

Foam stability is enhanced due to many foam positive proteins that occur due to the lower level of modification and stewing process. Overall Gladiator Malt is a fantastic malt to add to almost any beer style which can benefit from added foam stability and body.

Below is a beer recipe with Gladiator malt.

Gladfield Brown Ale

4.70kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (72%)
0.52kg Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt (8%)
0.39kg Gladfield Brown Malt (6%)
0.33kg Gladfield Biscuit Malt (5%)
0.33kg Gladfield Gladiator Malt (5%)
0.26kg Gladfield Roasted Wheat Malt (4%)

60min – 10g Pacific Gem

15min – 10g Pacific Gem

10min – 10g Southern Cross

0min – 14g Southern Cross

0min – 12g Pacific Gem

Target Original Gravity 1.060
IBU 26.7
Colour 42.4 EBC
Est ABV 6.1
Mash Temp 67°C