There’s no smoke without fire

The meaning of the phrase “there’s no smoke without fire” is very appropriate to describe one of Gladfield Malt’s most unique malt, the Manuka Smoked Malt. Yes the rumors are true, Gladfield Malt has its own smoker purposely built to generate hot smoke without making our smoked malts taste like campfire. Our Manuka Smoke has a floral sweet aroma that contributes fantastic flavours to a beer and compliments both the malt and the hops in a brew. It is great at low percentages (2 – 10%) for the subtle Manuka flavour and beautiful floral and smokey aromas. A usage rate of 15 – 30% will impart a strong Manuka flavour to a beer, better suited for a stronger flavour profile to hold its own against the Manuka and Smoke flavours. At 100% it can make a beautiful smoked beer (try a 100% imperial Manuka sometime. It will blow your mind!).

Want to keep things interesting? Well add some Manuka Smoked on your next Pale Ale, you will get some very interesting flavours coming thought without overpowering your beer, just keeping it interesting.

There is only one place in the world to find Manuka Smoked malt and it is right here at Gladfield Malt in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Overall Manuka Smoked Malt is a very versatile malt that can add some great dimension and flavour to most beer styles. The mild level of smoke makes it easy to get the perfect flavour balance between smoke, malt and hops!

Below you will find a recipe to inspire you:

Gladfield Mai Manuka Bock

3.93g Gladfield Pilsner Malt (56%)
2.11kg Gladfield Munich Malt (30%)
0.56kg Gladfield Manuka Smoked Malt (5%)
0.26kg Gladfield Toffee Malt (4%)

60min – 20.4g Pacific Gem (Or Hallertau / Pacifica)

Target Original Gravity 1.065
IBU 28
Colour 12.8 EBC
Est ABV 6.6
Mash Temp 67.5°C

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