The old man always told me “It doesn’t matter how bloody clever you are if you don’t marry the right bird then you won’t get very far!”

It’s a pretty true statement and you don’t have to look very far to see that most successful family businesses have one thing in common “Mum wears the pants” It might not be that obvious from the outside but I bet my bottom dollar that behind the closed doors of many successful family businesses the Mums are far more involved than you might think.

Gabi is one of those Mum’s, she truly never ceases to amaze me. She certainly made it very clear early on that she was going to be wearing the pants. On my first trip to Brazil (to check out the dowry before getting married) Gabi was eager to show me around their cattle ranch. As we walked past the piggery to go and saddle the horses Gabi noticed that the weaner pigs had not yet been castrated. Quick as a flash she leapt over the wall pulled out her pocket knife and said, “you hold them while I whip their balls out”. It is fair to say that a pig that is about to have its balls cut out is probably one of the strongest animals on the planet and not that easy to catch! Before you gasp in horror at Gabi’s ruthlessness you should bear in mind that Gabi graduated from University as a fully qualified veterinarian and was top in her surgery class, and she always carries a very sharp knife! As we left the piggery Gabi said, “just remember I’m in charge okay”. That is no shit!

Despite Gabi’s deft hand with a knife and excellent surgery skills she has a big heart which she throws all into pleasing her customers. Gabi is truly passionate about pleasing people which makes her the ideal front of house person in any business. But make no mistake Gabi is not just a pretty face she is involved with all the decision making and the direction of Gladfield. She has her finger on the pulse all the time, she knows exactly what’s going on way before I do. She implemented warehousing across Australia leading the way in Sydney and Brisbane to make it easier for her customers, she was instrumental in bringing in complementary products such as brewing aids, adjuncts and yeast to help you brew better beers and developed the malt conversion app. She is always involved behind the scenes using her brewing knowledge to help develop limit release malts that she knows will make an impact on your beer. But not only that Gabi is all over our social media.

Gabi is a fighter, any foreigner in a new country has to punch well above their weight to secure a place on the ladder of life, learning a new language and culture is hard enough let alone understanding protocols and different interpretations of humour (I must admit we have had plenty of laughs on that one) Like everyone Gabi has had her share of knocks and setbacks to deal with along the way but that is where the teamwork comes in and the one thing we know here at Gladfield is that if you want to get the paddock ploughed in a hurry then make sure both horses a pulling the plough in the same direction!

Gabi will be in touch with you sometime soon as she strives on providing you with service second to none and making sure you receive that personal touch that only truly passionate people with a big heart can give. Gabi and I love our job and we love our customers.

P.S. I always know when it’s time to take Gabi home, her English goes out the window when her batteries are flat but trust me, she is still sharp as a tack its just that she starts thinking in Portuguese and I tell you it’s still 100 times faster than I can think in English!

P.P.S I reckon I must be pretty sharp to because I’ve still got both my balls!


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