Sustainability is the latest feel-good word

Sustainability is the latest feel-good word that most people nowadays associate with the environment. It’s kind of a new trendy word that replaces the 1970’s word which was “Peace”.

Let’s face it “Sustainability” is just another way of saying “let’s make sure we don’t end up being here today, gone tomorrow” which when you think about it means the same as when you don’t have “Peace” and you end up on the losing side! You can’t beat the stability and knowing that the sun will still come up tomorrow!

The best thing about Gladfield is that we are a family business that has been around for 5 generations and because we are tied to the land, we don’t get caught up in all that trendy stuff. It’s kind of like we just get on with shit while the world around us just over complicates shit and that’s why we are still here and still will be here in another 5 generations, the sun will keep coming up with Gladfield!

But there is more to it than that which has allowed Gladfield to be sustainable generation after generation. It’s about family. It’s about leadership and patience and it’s about inspiring others and knowing how much to take before you start giving.

We have an unspoken rule at Gladfield that is best explained by looking at the migrating Canadian Geese that fly over our farm every year. They fly in a “V” formation. The leader takes on most of the resistance allowing the ones behind to build or regain strength for when it is their turn to lead. As a team, they can travel vast distances sustainably. The leader’s energy inspires others to follow, encouraging them to fly higher and faster. The leader doesn’t need to motivate or incentivise the ones behind to take the lead it just happens. That is the true meaning of future sustainability.

If you stay in front too long you burn out, you lose sight of the horizon, you lose touch with reality and you jeopardize the whole flock. This has caused many farms, businesses and organisations to fail or get taken over. Ultimately their flock crash and burn to become extinct forever.

Yes, at Gladfield Gabi and I work hard but so to do all our staff we fly as a team we are a family, we all fly at the front when it is our turn, every one of us brings energy and inspiration to the business. We all know that the business is bigger than any one of us and that looking after our customers is our main priority.

When you deal with Gladfield at least you know you are dealing with a sustainable business that won’t be here today gone tomorrow. At Gladfield we don’t over think shit or take more than we need we just get shit done and look after everyone for the common good.

You can rely on Gladfield Malt, we won’t be extinct any time soon!