Staff Motivation Tool

Staff Motivation Tool

A large pink frilly bra turned up in our office the other day disguised in a brown paper bag!

At last, an answer to all my troubles. I had been looking for a solution for a very concerning issue that I had been experiencing for a great many years ever since there was more than just me working at Gladfield.

You see one of the things us blokes seem to have a big problem with is putting our tool away properly when we have finished using it. Now before you ladies get all excited, I’m talking about power tools, hammers, spanners, all those handy bits of equipment that we use every day in helping keep our nuts tight and maintaining our equipment in top-notch shape at Gladfield. It’s not just tools that we are not good at putting away its pretty much everything!

You may wonder why this could be such a big issue; well, let me explain my predicament. Most blokes know exactly where they have left things last; this is a well know genetically inherited trait derived from our hunting and gathering days a few million years ago. If we couldn’t remember where we left the Wooley Mammoth that we last knocked off for dinner, we would go hungry. So, as you can understand through Darwin’s theory, us bloke became very good at remembering where we left shit. (It also explains why we never ask for directions because it is not like we were going to tell anyone where we left our dinner in case they swiped it). but it also explains why we blokes never feel the need to hang shit back up or put shit away because we have exceptional memories for where we last left things.

Nowadays the modern world has thrown a spanner in the works (excuse the pun), and us blokes have been forced to change a very strong genetic trait, and we don’t have a few million years to leave it to Darwin’s Theory!

So, I am guessing you have worked out what I am talking about; my problem is the other well-meaning work colleagues that have not been fortunate enough to have inherited the gene which reminds them exactly where they left shit. Because of this, they have a compulsive urge to pick shit up in case it gets lost.

Now you know my predicament! As a result, no one knows where anything is anymore, and we spend countless hours hunting for the holy grail, the 24 ml ring spanner to tighten a nut or two!!!!

Many before me have experienced the same issues and have tried to accelerate Darwin’s theory by tapping into another strongly inherited trait of blokes by using girly calendars as a motivation to get them to hang their tools back up. But of course, this was seen as unsporting, giving Blokes an unfair advantage in the race to improve their ability to please other people.

That is where the pink Bra comes into play. It was simple, overnight my team at Gladfield have achieved the impossible. For the last three weeks, there has not been a single thing that is out of place in our workshop. Not a single tool missing, and the other well-meaning people that like to pick shit up all the time don’t have to anymore and are now happy and less anxious knowing in their minds exactly where shit is.

It’s quite simple if you leave shit lying around at Gladfield you wear the pink bra at work for a day. It is the most effective motivational tool I have ever come across! It is also the scariest thing for us blokes at our workplace! After eliminating all the health and safety risks, we finally have an adrenalin buzz again that, of course, every bloke needs for survival. That adrenalin buzz at Gladfield is the constant thought in the back of our minds, did I, or didn’t I put my tool away, shit the idea of having to wear that pink Bra for a day in front of the lads is scarier than the thought of hunting a Woolly Mammoth!

P.S. Gabi and I and the rest of the team at Gladfield are looking forward to catching up with you all at our series of Roadshows up and down New Zealand this week. There will be plenty of information and advice around brewing aids, yeast, water treatment, and how to get the best out of your equipment and ingredients. No doubt you will hear a few good yarns too! At Gladfield we are always looking to go the extra distance to help our customers. Don’t worry if you live in Australia, Gladfield will be Coming to a town near you shortly to help spread the good word!

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