Life is not just about getting a reward but also recognition.

Life is not just about getting a reward but also recognition.

Life is not just about getting a reward but also recognition.

Everyone likes to be rewarded these days with higher pay, and it’s the big thing in the workplace at the moment. Nobody wants to do anything for nothing and fair enough.

But reward on its own doesn’t create excellence just like growing the best crop of malting barley requires more than water, nutrients and a thousand hours of sunshine.

At Gladfield, we have over 150 grower suppliers who are just as passionate about growing barley for you as you are at making the perfect beer. There’s an old saying “you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse”, and that is certainly the case when it comes to making high-quality, consistent beer!

At Gladfield, we are lucky to be situated in the world’s premium location for growing malting barley. This is no mythical statement, and it’s a fact because of our climate and geographical location combined with the talents of our growers, which lead the world in sustainable farming technology. Let’s face it, Canterbury, New Zealand might not be the best place in the world for growing Pineapples (we will leave that to our cobber’s in Queensland) but no one can beat us when it comes to growing malting barley a fact that is backed up with many world records that we are fiercely proud of.

But there is more to it than that. At Gladfield, we are not just Malsters, we are a proud family of Growers that understand it’s pride and passion that sets the best from the rest. That is something that our competitors have lost touch with. Our growers don’t just want to be rewarded they want to be recognised. An adage that has been forgotten over time as the others become more and more removed from the growing fields. But not at Gladfield!
At Gladfield, we are so lucky that we have customers that understand Gladfields family philosophy of giving recognition to those who go above and beyond to be better than the rest and inspire others.

Last week Gladfield celebrated our top barley growers, the Creeside family by awarding them the Gladfield Shield for growing the best malting barley crop last season. They have been outstanding in their field in more ways than one. It’s people like them who help make your beer an award-winning success. Their attention to detail and passion for growing is second to none. So please join with the Gladfield family and recognise and congratulate the Creeside family’s outstanding achievement.

Sometimes a little recognition goes a lot further than a pay rise when you want the best. Next time you’re out on the work floor, slap your staff on the back and tell them how bloody proud you are of them. Old fashioned advice, but sometimes it gets lost on a smartphone!

Thanks for supporting our malts, and I am always keen to hear from you.