Lager Light

Lager light is exactly what the name suggests, it is made for light coloured lager beers. You really appreciate this malt on a hot summers day after working hard doing what ever it is you do. When you knock the top off a cold one made from Gladfield Lager light and pour it into a glass, you see the beautiful light straw colour beer with creamy head, down the hatch it goes the first one doesn’t even touch the sides. Wow it looks so drinkable in the glass that the second one is down as quick as the first. Lets face it, this time of year is about quenching your thirst with quality beer that looks as refreshing as it tastes.

We designed this malt for our own pilot brewery so we could have plenty of cold fresh beer on tap at harvest time and we didn’t want it to look like or feel like the consistency of an oil change from an Angular gear box.

It worked so well at washing the barley awns from the back of the throat that the header drivers and truck drivers were queuing up from miles away to work at Gladfield.

We called the malt Lager Light “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible”. It wasn’t the only thing it stimulated. Brewers have quickly recognized our Larger Light malt as a must for this time of year and has certainly become very visible around all the leading breweries of Australia and New Zealand.

The malt is made from 2 row high quality malting barley with a mid to high protein range but is well modified giving good fermentability for a refreshing dry finish with a hint of malt character. It has a typical colour range of 2.3 – 2.9 EBC.

It is subject to a gentler kilning cycle so that a lower colour is produced however it is still low in DMS precursors unlike some European malts which are designed specifically for DMS beers.

Larger light is so versatile you can use it up to 100% or else you can add it too any beer at any rate you want to reduce colour. A lot of people use it along side Gladfield Wheat malt to produce a delicate bright clean malt profile wheat beer, when a low colour formation is required. You can also use it with up to 20% Gladfield Toffee malt to make a perfect light coloured IPA.

So if you haven’t tried Gladfield Lager light malt, then where the bloody hell are ya?!… so we can get some to you! Enjoy the summer and drink yourself more bliss, because we are at Gladfield!












Thanks to Tim Denman, home brewer from Brisbane, who shared this awesome picture with us of his beer brewed with 100% Lager Light #youareawesome