I woke up on Saturday morning and the first thought to go through my head was anger, then I felt disappear as reality sunk in knowing there is nothing that anger, rage or justice will do to change what is done. Later, complete sadness overwhelmed me. That empty, gutted feeling that there is not a thing you can do to stop the suffering of those who have been caught up in Friday’s day of hell in my hometown. You just feel completely numb and sad.

Unlike the earthquakes, you can’t get rid of those numb feelings by grabbing a shovel or wheelbarrow or crowbar and start fixing things. The earthquakes where different, at least you could roll your sleeves up feel useful and know deep down that we would rebuild bigger and better than ever before. That was what triggered hope which grew inside us and fuelled our desire to make Christchurch the best city in the world.

Now look at it, I think that is the bit that hurts the most, the shame and the embarrassment this was not a natural disaster this was one man who rocked our world and changed it forever, this was humanity at its worst, and this is not us. That is what makes you angry. The whole country is grieving with us and all our friends around the world. Thank you for that.

But there is hope. We have made Christchurch a great city of new buildings and architecture now we need to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice on Friday by continuing to make it a great city with love and compassion, tolerance and understanding, but not just our city the whole world and we will be proud once more.

May our thoughts and prayers be with those who suffered most on Friday and may they have the strength to carry on. Be strong and love one another the sun will still come up tomorrow.