Gladfield Press Release: Coronavirus

Over the last few weeks, we have seen unprecedented events unfold all around us. At Gladfield, we are no different than any other business. We have been steadily working behind the scenes to ensure first and foremost the long term well being of our staff and service providers and to ensure we can continue to provide an uninterrupted supply of malt to all our customers.

Many of our customers will be working through contingency plans around possible disruptions to supply and demand. At Gladfield we would like to reassure you all that due to the vast network of warehouses we have in New Zealand and overseas and the excellent relationship we have with our 3PL providers there are no issues with the supply of Gladfield products into our customers. Gladfield has you covered! After 5 generations of farming, we know how to handle adversity like no other, and we are right behind you!

On that note, we also understand that several small businesses will be concerned about the new travel bands and how this will affect their business. No doubt there will be some short-term pain and a slowdown of on-premise and or off-premise sales as a result of some companies. Gladfield can help you if you find yourself in this situation. We are more than prepared to talk with you and help in whatever way we can to ensure individual businesses stay strong and resilient. Gladfield is a family business, and you are part of our family, so whatever it takes, we will do our utmost to share your burden.

We would also like to point out that although there are some travel bands in place in New Zealand, this is not affecting any of our shipping lines and cross border container movements. It is business as usual. We have many container movements in the system between Australia and New Zealand and other ports, and there are no disruptions out of the ordinary. Our governments have guaranteed this.

Gladfield takes food safety very seriously, and we can reassure you that all precautions no matter how big or small have been implemented as part of our food safety and HACCP plan which is designed for such events. We are lucky that our Gladfield Malting operation is isolated on rural land in Canterbury and we can manage all aspects of production under the tightest of quarantine requirements.

Last of all, please feel free to pick up the phone and talk to myself or Gabi or any one of our friendly staff if you have any concerns or questions or just want to hear a yarn or two. Don’t forget we are here to offer genuine help and support. We are as passionate about our customers as we are about making malt! Like I mentioned before, only a month or two ago it is about sticking together and looking after each other.


Doug Michael
Maltster and Director | Gladfield Malt