Raising the Bar

Gladfield Malt Roadshow

After my first day at school, I couldn’t help thinking this is great when I am older enough to leave, I’ll know everything, and I will be able to conquer the world.

Well, it wasn’t long before I realised that the more you learn, the less you know, and my learning wasn’t going to end when I left school if I wanted to be successful in my chosen field.

The Gladfield team has just finished a week long Gladfield Malt Roadshow around New Zealand, and it has been really humbling and inspiring to see the huge support Gladfield has in the brewing and Distilling community.

Gladfield’s focus during the roadshow was to help brewers make better beers through greater learning.

Every business must continually strive to stay relevant in the marketplace. At Gladfield we have done just that by understanding that our customers need more than just great malt to make great beer, they need more knowledge, and they need every advantage to keep up with an ever-demanding consumer who is beginning to expect craft beer to taste right all the time.

The Rundown

Gladfield has joined up with Murphy and Son from the U.K. to not just distribute a vast array of brewing aids and processing ingredients, but also offer technical advice on how and when to use them. Murphy and Son and Gladfield are fortunate to have the services of Nick Brading, who has a wealth of knowledge from his extensive background in the brewing industry. As a reminder, the great thing about this is you as a Brewer/Distiller can tap into this knowledge for free, anytime, anywhere.

Not only have we teamed up with Murphy and Son, but we have also teamed up with Lallemand Yeast. It was a natural choice. Lallemand has the same philosophy as Gladfield; they strive for Quality, Consistency and Service. Like Gladfield, they provide more than just a great product; they also provide knowledge and support to anyone. Lallemand has employed the services of Daniel McCulloch, who like Nick from Murphy and Son leads his field in understanding Yeast. Don’t let Daniel’s moustache and brilliant mind scare you, this guy is a wiz in his chosen field, but he is approachable and keen to pass on his knowledge.

As another reminder Daniel will be touring New Zealand in an RV in March and is offering to call in on any brewer and sit in on a brew, talk yeast, brewing or whatever it is you want to know about, share a few beers and a yarn or two. It will be an excellent opportunity to gain greater knowledge and improve your beer on a one on one level even if you don’t use Lallemand. If you haven’t already, please let Gabi know of your intent to have Daniel call in at your brewery, and we will arrange everything for you.

It didn’t just stop there; we were also lucky to have Richard Dube from the Siebel Institute of technology along with us on our roadshow. Richard is a bastion for higher learning through online tuition. For brewers, this is a breakthrough in offering current, in-depth education, which is relevant and affordable to the modern craft brewer. No more getting bogged down in long, time-consuming, expensive brewing courses that are none specific to the area that you or key staff members want quick learning on. Gladfield will be offering some one-off deals for those who wish to sign up for online tuition so make sure you contact Gabi if you are interested.

But wait there is more, those who attended the Gladfield Malt Roadshow and had the privilege to listen to Mic the Flamingo Heynekamp from Eddyline brewery received a great insight into some essential brewing equipment and techniques that Mic has brought over from the U.S. Based on the feedback so far Gladfield will look into a bulk buy for some of these simple but effective tools that will make a huge difference in the quality and consistency of your beer. Make sure you contact Gabi to register your interest if you haven’t already! And don’t forget we have a great relationship with Owen and Dale of Clark Products which you can purchase cleaning products direct or through Gladfield, they are like us, a family-owned local business full of passion that understands that customer support and backs up is critical when you are a small business!

The Follow Through

We are all learning at different levels, and when Gabi and I travel around and meet our customers, we understand that each individual has different needs, resources and limitations. It is okay to be a beginner or fully qualified with 30 plus years of experience; either way, ask Gladfield the questions and have the conversation. It is about breaking down the barriers eliminating the myths and everyone understanding the science. It is not about the personalities in our industry and their subjective criticisms, it is about the consumer, and they are demanding better quality all the time. To keep up, you need knowledge and information and the drive to put it into practice, so give us a call, and we will point you in the right direction.

The Gladfield Difference

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