A lot happens in 4 years!

Gladfield Malt Australia We have some news for you, Australian people!
Gladfield Malt Australia

Yes, this is how long Gladfield Malt has been selling malts in Australia.

We could not have done it without the almighty Dermott Dowling. Dermott is the proud owner of Beer Co. who has been our loyal distributor to the homebrew market since we have started selling our malts in Australia four years ago. Together we have enjoyed bringing you the World’s Best Pure Malts.

The idea to export to Australia was as foreign as making malt out of Maize/Corn (which we now do!). We did not know what to expect or if the Australian market would appreciate what Gladfield Malt had to offer.

We were however pleasantly surprised by how much brewers and homebrewers have understood what we wanted to achieve. To raise the bar on the quality of malt by creating the World’s Best Pure Malts backed up by great service, quality, innovation and consistency.

Gladfield Malt could not achieve all of this without the great help of our staff, growers and our loyal clients.

But why we are telling you all this?

Because as of Monday 1st October, Beer Co’s exclusive contract with Gladfield Malt comes to an end. Sad times as we have loved what Beer Co had to offer, but we understand that Beer Co wants to spread their wings and for that, we admire them. Thank you for your passionate approach to the Gladfield brand. They will, however, continue to supply our malts to homebrewers through their website, but will not act as our distributor anymore.

What does this mean for you?

Homebrew shops will now deal directly with Gladfield Malt, and we are very excited about this. Gladfield Malt is passionate about the homebrew market and committed to send only the freshest stocks out.

If you are part of a homebrew club and would like Gladfield Malt to sponsor your competition, then feel free to get in touch with us. Similarly, if you’re a homebrew shop owner and interested in stocking their malts they would love to hear from you too.

Gladfield Malt is here to help you brew better beers by servicing the homebrewer and the pro-brewer, with the same level of service and commitment, guaranteed.

Gabi Michael
Sales Manager and Co-Owner
+64 27 3927543

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