Fancy new wrapping? .….. it’s the thought that counts.

Fancy new wrapping, it’s the thought that counts.

We have jazzed up our glorious Gladfield malt with some fancy new wrapping. Essentially it is still the same consistent, reliable malt that you have been used to. All we have done is put it inside a new Bag!

Well, what a mission that was finding the right solution for our number one pain in the back-side problem at Gladfield, different size pallets between Australia and New Zealand!

Our existing bags stacked perfectly and efficiently on an NZ pallet (1 m x 1.2 m) however trying to stack the same bag on an Australian pallet (1.1 m x 1.1 m) is like trying to poke butter up a Porcupine’s you know what with a red-hot poker! Not only that, consider the different racking configurations in all our warehouses around the world, and it becomes a logistical nightmare.

The good news is that the problem is solved, hopefully, now there will be no more pallets turning up to your brewery on a lean. Just a reminder if your malt has been knocked around during transit, and it is not in good tidy condition, please ask your staff to make a note on the delivery docket, before giving it back to the driver. Otherwise, we can’t claim for the damages, and we end up wearing it in the pocket when you ask for a refund. Please, Please, Please, check before you sign. No comment on the docket is hard on the pocket 😊!

Another thing you will notice is that we have reduced the amount of plastic in the bag by 25%. We have eliminated the plastic liner and incorporated a waterproof lamination. The new bag retains its durability and moisture barrier keeping the malt as fresh and secure as ever. It also has a nice block bottom which allows it to sit well on a pallet. Apparently, Durex is looking to follow our lead, that will be interesting let’s hope they don’t incorporate Gladfield’s extra anti-slip coating!

The bags can be recycled under code No. 5PP for those of you who wish to recycle, email us on and Gabi will give you more

Don’t forget Gladfield’s famous colour coding! We have even more colours to help you identify your malt of choice from the seat of a forklift and bigger bolder labelling to make it easier to read after a hard night. It makes it so much easier especially when we have over 30 different malt types for you to choose from. One glance at your malt stock and you know exactly what you’ve got. There is nothing worse than finding out your brewer put a tone of Munich malt into the grist for your Mexican lager when they were supposed to put a ton of Gladfield Lager Light! No excuses when using Gladfield bags.

But the best part about our bags is we still tell you which end to open them from for when you are in a hurry, at Gladfield we think of the little things to help you have a better day 😊

Best Regards,
Doug Michael – Gladfield Malt director and head maltster

P.S. Gabi wasn’t happy that I didn’t wrap her Valentines day present (a new vacuum cleaner), but I reckon it’s the thought that counts!


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