Our Distilling Malt Range

Premium whisky requires a quality malt. Gladfield Malt produce three malts specifically created for the whisky distilling industry.

Distiller’s Malt

Our Distiller’s Malt is a premium malt produced exclusively from two-row distilling barley. The barley has been gently kilned to preserve enzyme content, and the resulting malt has both high extract and diastatic power. Distiller’s Malt will add malty, sweet flavours to a finished whisky.

Gladfield’s Distiller’s Malt is primarily suited to single malt distilling, but can be used in conjunction with Mild Peat Smoked Malt or Manuka Smoked Malts to create a unique blended whisky.

Peat Smoked Malt

Smoked in our in-house smoker using 100% New Zealand peat sourced from the South Island, the result of this malt is a premium mild peat product infused with a traditional soft, earthy flavour.

The peat flavour makes malt ideal for distilling single malt whiskey, or can be used to add a hint of smoke to a quality blended whisky.

Manuka Smoked Malt

Gladfield Malt is proud to produce the world’s only Manuka Smoked malt. We take the same barley varieties that we use to make our top quality Distiller’s Malt, and place the grains in our in-house smoker with 100% New Zealand grown West Coast Manuka wood.

Our Manuka Smoked malt is smooth and overlaid with floral, sweet characteristics, which are excellent when distilled. Be prepared for a smooth, natural smokiness with distinct Manuka honey notes to the finished whisky, for a taste that is uniquely New Zealand.

Custom Malts

Gladfield Malt is a craft malting company that is large enough to have the most modern malt processing plant in New Zealand, but small enough to have the ability to customise malts to enable you to make unique distilling masterpieces.

Our roaster is the most modern in Australasia, and we can use our own smoker and Distiller’s Malt to make you a memorable and unique single malt or blended whiskies.

If you have an idea for a customised malt blend or a unique smoked malt, contact Gladfield Malt today.