In addition to our extensive range of quality malts, we supply complementary products that allow you greater control over your brew. These can help with water treatment, enzymes, colloidal stability (beer clarity), flavour stability, wort clarification, fermentation, beer clarification and foam control.

We also supply brewers and distillers yeast.

Here at Gladfield Malt, we have the experience and expertise to assist and support our customers. If you have any questions about any of our malts or complementary products, get in touch.




Murphy & Son, Davis Trading, Clark Products and New Zealand Starch are the stockists of our complementary range and for your convenience all our Adjuncts, Aids, Salts and Yeast Nutrient are available in a handy 1kg or alternatively for bigger brewing requirements you can also buy the whole bag or drum.

Lallemand Yeasts are available in 11g sachets or 500g Blocks.

Wildbrew Sour Pitch is available in 250g blocks.


TypeUsed for
AntifoamKettle and Fermenter Antifoam
AlginexAuxiliary Finning
Brewers ClarexPrevents chill haze, gluten free
ProtaflocKettle Finning
Yeast VitZinc - enriched yeast
Super FVegan Fermenter Fining


TypeUsed for
Dextrose MonohydrateMouthfeel
Flaked BarleyHead Rentention and Mouthfeel
Flaked Wheat Head Rentention and Mouthfeel
Lactose (220 Mesh)Mouthfeel
Oat HullsLautering Aid
Raw BarleyHead Rentention and Mouthfeel
Raw WheatHead Rentention and Mouthfeel
Rolled OatsHead Rentention and Mouthfeel


TypeUsed for
Calcium ChlorideFood Grade Water Treatment
Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum Salt)Food Grade Water Treatment
Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)Food Grade Water Treatment


TypeBrewing Style
AbbayeBelgian-Style Ale Yeast
Belle SaisonBelgian-Style Ale Yeast
Bry-97American West Coast Ale Yeast
Cbc-1Conditioning Yeast
DiamondLager Yeast
KÖLNKÖLSCH Style Ale Yeast
London EsbClassic English ESB Ale Yeast
MunichWheat Beer Yeast
Munich ClassicWheat Beer Yeast (Banana & Cloves)
New EnglandEast Coast American Ale Yeast
NottinghamAle Yeast
Wildbrew Sour PitchSours
WindsorBritish-Style Yeast
Lalbrew Essential AleAle Fermentation
Lalvin EC-1118Champagne Yeast
Lalvin ICV D47Wine Yeast