• Maize Malt

    Maize is also known as Corn.

    Gladfield has stepped up a notch in innovation and arguability we are the first commercial maltings to malt maize in a commercial scale.

    Our Malted Maize is made from New Zealand grew field corn. …


  • A lot happens in 4 years!

    We have some news for you, Australian people!

    Yes, this is how long Gladfield Malt has been selling malts in Australia.

    We could not have done it without the almighty Dermott Dowling. Dermott is the proud owner of Beer Co. …


  • Limited Release Malts

    The first ever limited release malt launched by Gladfield, our RedBack Wheat is almost running out. So get in quick!

    Some people have asked me why come up with a limited release malt? My answer was simple because we can!…


  • Gladfield Malt continues to raise the bar

    Gladfield Malt has been steadily growing in the last 14 years. We made the most of the strong growth in both the local and international craft beer sector. Gladfield has been one of those real success stories in an industry …


  • Developing beer recipes

    Developing beer recipes can be a tricky thing. We as brewers try to negotiate 30+ malts, endless hops and multitudes of yeast strains to create any one of 100’s of beer styles. Beer recipes can be complex using 10+ malts …


  • The perfect Red

    Red coloured beers are one of the most troublesome colours to nail when brewing. When done right they come out a brilliant ruby red that just shines in the glass. There are a few key elements we have found here …


  • Why have we created the Supernova malt?

    Less is more, keep it simple. At Gladfield we have been striving to help brewers create the perfect beer. Over the last 13 years we have made many innovations to do just that, such as our Toffee malt, Shepherds …


  • Hard Work Paying Off

    This new blog post is all about looking back and paying respect to all the hard work that the ancestors from the Michael family have put over the years. Now the family is proud to have a member adding value …


  • 1000 Hours of Sunshine in Every Glass

    We hope you are all enjoying the new look of our website and our new slogan “1000 Hours of Sunshine in Every Glass”. If you have caught yourself wondering, why and how did Gladfield came up with the slogan, well …


  • Harvesting Report

    Last Friday, our 3 kids were happy, they could finally dance around the yard as much as they would’ve like, our 7 year old come up with a deal with the Weather Gods, they wouldn’t dance at harvesting time, rain …


  • Reaping the rewards

    The engine sounds and the dust from a Combine Harvester sticks to the hot hair on a typical summer’s day in Canterbury, it is harvesting time, time for cropping farmers to reap the rewards of their hard work. This year, …


  • Gladfield Malt App

    When Gladfield Malt was first started in 2004, the Craft Brewing and Home Brewing scene was just coming to life with beer drinkers developing their palate for hoppy and malty beers. Now 12 years later it is going stronger than …