• School Lunches

    Ever since my first day at school way back in 1978 I’ve had a problem with school lunches!

    Back in the day it was Marmite sandwiches, (Vegemite if you’re in Australia) occasionally Mum would splash out and we would get …


  • Sustainability is the latest feel-good word

    Sustainability is the latest feel-good word that most people nowadays associate with the environment. It’s kind of a new trendy word that replaces the 1970’s word which was “Peace”.

    Let’s face it “Sustainability” is just another way of saying “let’s …


  • Improving your Handicap

    Just like playing golf or any sport for that matter, it’s so much more enjoyable when you are good at what you do. But it is even more fun if you win now and then.

    Of course, when it comes …


  • Smokin it!

    At Gladfield we have a smoke free police some of the time, but most of the time we are Smokin it!

    It’s that time of year when people begin to hibernate and the best way to hibernate is sipping a …


  • Life is not just about getting a reward but also recognition.

    Life is not just about getting a reward but also recognition.

    Everyone likes to be rewarded these days with higher pay, and it’s the big thing in the workplace at the moment. Nobody wants to do anything for nothing and …


  • The Bugler

    Did you hear the one about the bugler who got stage fright and bombed the last post? That was me 30 years ago when I first started playing the Bugle for the R.S.A. There is nothing worse than the bugler …


  • HAPI

    Last week Gladfield had the good fortune to be able to attend the HAPI symposium and festival held at Te Papa in Wellington. There was a large crowd of craft brewers and industry leaders and Gabi and I enjoyed catching …


  • The Party

    The other day my nephew who works at Gladfield Malt got into a bit of trouble when having a party while his parents were away on holiday which brought back some memories of when I was young.

    One of the …


  • Hope

    I woke up on Saturday morning and the first thought to go through my head was anger, then I felt disappear as reality sunk in knowing there is nothing that anger, rage or justice will do to change what is …


  • We are all humans…

    We are all humans…

    Did you like that one, did you? Well, you’ll like this one……There was a young……..

    I’ve had a real laugh reading some of the yarns sent back about the in-laws! However, a number of people have …


  • Anaconda’s

    Did you hear the one about the Anaconda that was eating the mother-in-law’s chooks?

    We have all got an entertaining story or two about our mother or father in law so I thought it would be a good opportunity …


  • Dormancy


    Every year right about now we are furiously testing the multitudes of barley samples that show up at our Gladfield malting facility. Param, our laboratory manager has her work cut out keeping the data in front of Caleb (our …


  • Fancy new wrapping? .….. it’s the thought that counts

    We have jazzed up our glorious Gladfield malt with some fancy new wrapping. Essentially it is still the same consistent, reliable malt that you have been used to. All we have done is put it inside a new Bag!

    Well, …


  • Working with Malted Maize

    Malted maize is a great malted adjunct for use with brewing or distilling. In the brewery, it can add a crisp flavour and dry finish, perfect for that summer lager. In distilling, it can be used for a traditional Bourbon …


  • Teamwork

    The old man always told me “It doesn’t matter how bloody clever you are if you don’t marry the right bird then you won’t get very far!”

    It’s a pretty true statement and you don’t have to look very …


  • A good vintage, and a bumper crop 2019

    A good vintage, and a bumper crop 2019
    Everyone loves a good vintage. The 2018-19 barley harvest here in Canterbury is proving to be the best vintage ever. A cool wet spring and temperate early summer followed by hot dry …


  • Malt Alternative: How To Swap to Gladfield Malts

    The time has come and you want to start using Gladfield Malts but your unsure how the current malt you are using translates into Gladfield products. We have a table below that has the information needed to help with a …


  • Mill gap

    Mill gap. In this blog, I would like to draw your attention to your grain mill.

    Your mill is the most important equipment you have in your brewery, without it, you could not start your brewing day.

    How many of …


  • Maize Malt

    Maize is also known as Corn.

    Gladfield has stepped up a notch in innovation and arguability we are the first commercial maltings to malt maize in a commercial scale.

    Our Malted Maize is made from New Zealand grew field corn. …


  • A lot happens in 4 years!

    We have some news for you, Australian people!

    Yes, this is how long Gladfield Malt has been selling malts in Australia.

    We could not have done it without the almighty Dermott Dowling. Dermott is the proud owner of Beer Co. …