• Brewing Low ABV Beer

    Brewing Low ABV beer is hard. Really hard.

    With beer everything is about balance, and a beer style that intentionally throws off that balance by being light on both malt and alcohol means it will struggle to look, taste and …


  • Working with Malted Maize

    Working with Malted Maize

    Malted maize is a great malted adjunct for use with brewing or distilling. In the brewery, it can add a crisp flavour and dry finish, perfect for that summer lager. In distilling, it can be used …


  • Maize Malt

    Maize Malt

    Maize is also known as Corn.

    Gladfield has stepped up a notch in innovation and arguability we are the first commercial maltings to malt maize in a commercial scale.

    Our Malted Maize is made from New Zealand grew …


  • Mill gap

    Mill gap. In this blog, I would like to draw your attention to your grain mill.

    Your mill is the most important equipment you have in your brewery, without it, you could not start your brewing day.

    How many of …


  • Achieving the Perfect Red – Shepherds Delight

    Achieving the Perfect Red – Shepherds Delight

    To brew a beer that turns out red is not a mean feat. The red shade of beer is very narrow, one shade lighter is brown and one shade darker is also brown.…


  • Limited Release Malts

    Limited Release Malts

    The first ever limited release malt launched by Gladfield, our RedBack Wheat is almost running out. So get in quick!

    Some people have asked me why come up with a limited release malt? My answer was simple …


  • Biscuit Malt surprising good taste

    Biscuit Malt surprising good taste

    This month’s malt is Biscuit Malt! I remember talking with one of our customers a while back and he mentioned that Biscuit Malt was his favourite malt to chew. I was surprised by that to …


  • European inspired base malt – German Pilsner

    European inspired base malt – German Pilsner

    When Gladfield first started producing malts, 14 years ago, the trend was very different than what it is now. Back then, brewers were looking for more flavoursome base malts for English style beers …


  • Brown Ale, Porter and Stout… Oh, My!

    Brown Ale Porter and Stout Oh My!

    As the weather cools our go-to beer here at Gladfields quickly changes from the crisp bright beers of summer to the more robust, darker – maltier beers of winter. Instead of comparing the …


  • There’s no smoke without fire

    The meaning of the phrase “there’s no smoke without fire” is very appropriate to describe one of Gladfield Malt’s most unique malt, the Manuka Smoked Malt. Yes the rumors are true, Gladfield Malt has its own smoker purposely built …


  • Growing Malting and Brewing with Rye

    Growing Malting and Brewing with Rye

    The long wait for 2017 Gladfield Rye malt is now over, this week we have finished kilning this malt and we are happy how the Rye has performed in the malt house. This year …


  • The perfect Red

    The perfect Red

    Red coloured beers are one of the most troublesome colours to nail when brewing. When done right they come out a brilliant ruby red that just shines in the glass. There are a few key elements we …


  • Why have we created the Supernova malt?

    Why have we created the Supernova malt?

    Less is more, keep it simple. At Gladfield we have been striving to help brewers create the perfect beer. Over the last 13 years we have made many innovations to do just …