Gladfield Malt is a progressive family owned company located in Dunsandel (40 min) south of Christchurch and 20 min south of Rolleston in the Selwyn District.

We are a craft malting company selling our products locally as well as overseas.

• Established 2004
• 100% family-owned maltings
• Located in Canterbury, New Zealand

“To be the trusted brand of choice, with happy customers who love our premium and accessible malt products.”

“To provide our customers with the very best quality, consistency and service”


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Night Shift Operator

Job description:

Operate the malt roaster during the night shift
Loading roaster hopper
Unloading roaster cooling tray
Roaster operations and monitoring
Roaster routine maintenance/ cleaning roaster drum
Loading bins of green malt

Bagging up roasted product
Testing roasted malt colours through the laboratory
Making blends with roasted product that meet in-house specifications
Bagging and palletising of approximately 5 ton of coloured malts per shift
Branding bags
Stock taking and recording
Transferring product to large warehouse

Monitoring and operating other plant operations
Monitoring both boilers when in operation
Monitoring germination and kilning’s – fan speeds, temperatures and physical checks
Monitoring / operating seed cleaners if required
Watering germination boxes as scheduled by plant manager
Unloading and loading kilns if required
Reporting any maintenance issues to plant manager

Cleaning & Water blasting
Keeping to cleaning schedule with routine water blasting & cleaning
Empty and waterblast kiln 4 / 5 when roasting is complete
Maintain a clean work area

Job hours:
Monday 5:00 pm to Tuesday 5:00 am (12 hrs)
Tuesday 5:00 pm to Wednesday 5:00 am (12 hrs)
Wednesday 5:00 pm to Thursday 5:00 am (12 hrs)
Thursday 5:00 pm to Friday 5:00 am (12 hrs)
Total hours per week 48 hrs

Expected salary up to $85,000 (depending on ability and experience)

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Or contact Doug on 027 462 2580.

Listed 16th April 2019