Bulk Malt Silos

Gladfield Malt’s two-silo bulk malt system guarantees your malt supply is always fresh, and won’t run out when you need it most.

Unfortunately in New Zealand, we have seen what natural disasters can do to our roads and the impact that has on shipping and logistics. Delays in getting our malt to your brewery can have massive flow on effects in your business.

Our aim is to work with you to ensure you always have ready access to a constant malt supply, so whatever happens, you won’t be caught short. Because we believe in fostering partnerships with our brewers and distillers, Gladfield Malt will provide your business with two bulk malt silos.

Storing your malt in silos as opposed to the bags they are shipped in reduces health and safety issues, and makes handling and storing the malt more efficient. This saves craft brewers time, money and unnecessary effort.

Gladfield’s Two Silo System

Why does Gladfield provide two silos? We fill one at a time, and each will be completely empty before it gets refilled. To guarantee delivery before you run out, you switch to your other silo and are never caught short.

As our silos are only 2.5 metres in diameter, they can be easily installed in most locations. Our silos are also weatherproof, meaning they can be installed outside, which frees up valuable fermenter space, and reduces the ever present risk of rodent contamination. What’s more, silos keep your malt store tidy.

Gladfield Malt takes pride in growing, roasting, and distributing our malts! You will deal directly with Gladfield Malt for all bulk deliveries, and we are only a phone call away if you have any questions or want to place an order.

Each silo holds 15 tonnes of malt, and is delivered by Gladfield Malt’s own custom bulk malt truck to your brewery or distillery. We can use our same truck to back-load beer to Christchurch at very competitive rates.

As craft beer becomes more popular in New Zealand, we have seen brewing operations explode. Many of today’s big names in craft brewing started off in their homes or garages. Our silos are not just for large scale, commercial breweries. We also cater for smaller craft brewers to make it easier to store and handle large quantities of malt. You never know when you’ll receive that large order that puts your craft beer on the map. Our silos will make sure you are ready when you do.

We can deliver our silos across New Zealand, and are happy to give you a free appraisal for providing your brewery or distillery with Gladfield Malt silos.

Want to know more about brewing smarter? To ensure a steady supply of quality malt in your business, regardless of natural disasters, shipping delays, or anything else that might be happening around New Zealand, contact Gladfield Malt about our convenient bulk silo system.