Brown Ale, Porter and Stout… Oh, My!

Brown Ale Porter and Stout Oh My!

As the weather cools our go-to beer here at Gladfields quickly changes from the crisp bright beers of summer to the more robust, darker – maltier beers of winter. Instead of comparing the complexity of the hop profile we look for some warmer flavours that are a bit more filling and rich, especially after a chilly day working out in a cold southerly wind.
For darker beers, I choose my malts in two distinct ways.

1. Simple. Let one specialty malt be the showcase and provide all the flavour to the finished beer. Stout is my favourite example as I only use a rich roasted barley and base malt. I think of it as a showcase of all the flavours you can get from just one specialty.

2. Complexity and Layering. For different styles of porter’s and bock’s, I like a more complex approach. In this case, I will choose malts from different colour ranges and blend them to achieve layers of flavour. Roasted Wheat at 600 EBC has a much different flavour contribution to a Dark Chocolate at 1350. Balancing these flavours that come from different roast levels is the challenge of a good dark beer.

There is much hype about using a dehusked malt to reduce astringency. The theory being that with the husk intact burning happens during roasting which adds the astringent bitter flavours. But much of that hype is misplaced. As maltsters, there are many ways we can adjust our roasting process to reduce any burning that could happen in the roasting drum. Using careful water additions we can allow the husk to steam as it darkens, preventing any charring and allowing a very even roasted product. One thing a dehusked version of malt is often missing is the deep flavours of true chocolate malt.

Gladfield Brown Ale

4.70kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (72%)
0.52kg Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt (8%)
0.39kg Gladfield Brown Malt (6%)
0.33kg Gladfield Biscuit Malt (5%)
0.33kg Gladfield Gladiator Malt (5%)
0.26kg Gladfield Roasted Wheat Malt (4%)
60min – 10g Pacific Gem
15min – 10g Pacific Gem
10min – 10g Southern Cross
0min – 14g Southern Cross
0min – 12g Pacific Gem
Target Original Gravity 1.060
IBU 26.7
Colour 42.4 EBC
Est ABV 6.1
Mash Temp 67°C

Gladfield Porter

5.43kg Gladfield Ale Malt (82%)
0.40kg Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt (6%)
0.30kg Gladfield Light Chocolate Malt (4.5%)
0.30kg Gladfield Roasted Wheat (4.5%)
0.20kg Gladfield Dark Chocolate Malt (3.0%)
60min – 12g Southern Cross
15min – 12g NZ Fuggle
5min – 10g NZ Goldings
Target Original Gravity 1.061
IBU 18
Colour 78 EBC
Est ABV 6.2
Mash Temp 67.5°C

Gladfield Dry Stout

4.78kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (90%)
0.53kg Gladfield Roasted Barley (10%)
60min – 20.8g Pacific Gem
Target Original Gravity 1.049
IBU 32
Colour 78 EBC
Est ABV 5.0
Mash Temp 65°C

Written by Caleb DeFrees


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