Brain Fart of the Month

Brain Fart of the Month

First of all, a shout out to all Dads. Cheers to us, special people!

Spring is here! Ye-ha, it’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer, more time for drinking great beer with Gladfield inside, but outside and having fun! That is probably why we call it the silly season or is it something to do with the way the planets are aligned? Whatever it is, it’s amazing how suddenly, we all begin doing some seriously stupid stuff that is totally out of character.

Growing up on a farm we used to use all sorts of terminology to describe stupidity like, “silly as a wet fowl”, “acting the goat”, “As loose as a goose” “…… and a whole lot more that I can’t get past the editor & chief.

But if you have ever seen a mob of weaned calves let out into a paddock for the first time in Spring, then you can probably be forgiven for thinking that this looks typical behaviour at this time of year for another type of two-legged mammal.

Anyhow the other week Gabi and I were flying back from a sales trip late at night after visiting some loyal customers in the N.I. The routine was a little different. This time we had left our car at a workshop in the middle of Christchurch to have it serviced, (we thought we were being smart and saving money on airport parking) It was the first time we had taken a Taxi to Christchurch airport, so that was a new experience! The car had been left on the side of the road by our very accommodating service people as we were picking up after hours. It just so happened to be the busiest road in Christchurch, and of course, they had to hide the key somewhere on the car????

To cut a long story short in my efforts to find the key, there was some confusion to who was responsible for putting the bags in the car! On our 45 minute journey back to Gladfield from Christchurch, I did make the comment that I was tired and looking forward to hitting the sack after a lot of driving over the past few days and pleased that we had managed to achieve everything we had set out to do without any significant cock-ups!

On our arrival at Gladfield, my little moment of satisfaction was cut short when Gabi, eloquently and with as much poise and dignity that she could muster at the time said, “Where the f…. is my bag?” “You ……!”

My response was simple, “Yes, dear”. I got back in the car and drove back to where we had picked our car up in Christchurch. All the way back to get the bag, I had images in my mind of the road being cordoned off and the bomb disposal squad blowing up a Gladfield suitcase that was stuffed full of totally harmless but awesomely flavoured craft beer and the whole thing being plastered over CNN, with headlines saying, another terrorist attempt in the garden city of New Zealand!

To my surprise there it was sitting on the footpath where it had been left one and a half hours ago, The busiest street in Christchurch and not a single soul had any idea that had they swiped it, they would have had an enjoyable night on the turps! Good old Christchurch!

We all have our moments, but one thing is for sure at Gladfield we do put as much effort into keeping the brain farts to a minimum so that our customers can make more of their own and still stay ahead. Excellent service from your service provider is essential, and Gladfield is dedicated to providing excellent reliable service.

As a reminder Gladfield are putting on extra production to cater for brewers who are being affected by other suppliers losing distribution rights so if you need a good reliable supply of any speciality or base malts you can always count on Gladfield to provide you with what you need, we have been here for 5 generations and we don’t intend on selling out to any big multinationals anytime soon that’s because we have another five generations to look after! You can’t beat dealing with an established family owned business and dealing directly; it cuts out the surprises! (nobody likes change especially without warning)

We look forward to catching up with all our Australian friends at BrewCon in Melbourne this week; it should be a blast! Watch out for the silly season, Gabi you’re in charge of the bags this time!

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