A bit of Hot Crumpet!

We all like a bit of hot crumpet now and then and Gabi and I are no exception. Like all small business owners when we set out on our journey into the unknown world of owning our own business and started Gladfield from a bare paddock we took on a mortgage to get our dreams off the ground.

When you are young and enthusiastic it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and overlook the reality of taking on large amounts of debt. We all try to pretend the loan is like a pot of Gold that magically appears from nowhere and some times it is hard to remind our selves that the money belongs to someone else and sooner or later they are going to want the pot of gold back!

As I said, Gabi and I like a bit of Hot Crumpet, so way back when we kick-started Gladfield Malt and took out a loan, the first thing we did after leaving the bank was to go and do our grocery shopping. (No, we didn’t need the money to be able to eat, we just live a long way from town and the bank just happened to be next to the Supermarket. We weren’t planning on coming back to town for at least another month!)

While we were doing the shopping, we both decided that we should do our best to cut back on what we spent our money on as we now had a mortgage. After about the 3rd aisle we decided that was just too difficult and it was starting to create a quite a few arguments. We were poles apart when it came to deciding what we should be cutting back on. In the end we came to an agreement that because we both liked a six-pack of hot golden crumpets and because we both saw this item as a bit of a luxury we could both do without, we then decided that from then on we would never buy crumpets until the day we paid back our mortgage.

We thought this would be good motivation for making sure we never forgot about our loan and it would be a good incentive to pay it back as soon as we could. We began dreaming about the day we could eat crumpets again. We told ourselves the day we come into town to pay off the loan for good we will go straight to the Supermarket and get one trolly each, fill them to the brim with crumpets and nothing else. Then we would go home and pig out.

Every time we go grocery shopping, we trundle past the crumpet section, drooling and looking longingly at those Golden crumpets, next year, next year we say. We can do this! I just think aren’t we lucky we chose Crumpets instead of something like Loo Paper, now imagine holding out for that!

We are lucky our accountants heard about our crumpet fasting and every time he and she come out they bring us a pack or two just to remind us to stay focused!

During the lockdown there is a number of things that we have all had to go without. We ran out of bread the other day which made me bring out the bread maker and dust off the cobwebs. I love cooking and playing around with ingredients. I thought about making my own crumpets but then thought twice, my conscious got the better of me (that would be cheating). Instead, I threw in some Toffee Malt and some Medium crystal malt, Bloody hell, forget the crumpets! I was blown away with the result. Then I tried some Manuka smoked malt. It is amazing, I know everyone keeps telling us how good our malt is at making beer but what about bread.

Because of recent events and like most small business owners, I think it is going to be a while now before we get to load the supermarket trolley with crumpets. In the meantime, maybe we can start using all the malt stocks that are piling up to start making some yummy bread! At least we won’t go hungry! Gabi and I are thinking of you all, hang in there, sing out if you need a hand, I know Gabi and her team of helpers have been trying to keep in touch with everyone and help sort out payment plans for those that need it. We are here to help and as long as you are still breathing and can still eat crumpets…. or bread, then like the old man said, there is nothing to worry about!

We love you all 😊