1000 Hours of Sunshine in Every Glass

We hope you are all enjoying the new look of our website and our new slogan “1000 Hours of Sunshine in Every Glass”. If you have caught yourself wondering, why and how did Gladfield came up with the slogan, well wonder no more!

Let me explain, we have estimated that from the time of drilling, through first strike, continuing right through until harvest, that there are approximately 1000 hours of sunshine absorbed by the Barley we use to make our malt. After the malt has been turned into fantastic beers by our clients, the final product has “1000 hours of sunshine in every glass”, the sunshine that the grain absorbed is released into the beer.

To grow barley in the Canterbury plains of New Zealand is a huge privilege, it is one of few places in the world where growing temperature is just right, sunny cool days for the growing stage and hot windy summer days for ripping.

Brewing and drinking beer is fun so why not use a malt that you can relate to? Next time when you are brewing or drinking a beer made with Gladfield Malts make sure to contemplate on the the amount of sunshine that has burst into that beer, I am sure it will put a smile on your face!

We love what we do and captivating the sunshine is what we do for living.

Brew happy and enjoy the sunshine!


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