Gladfield Malt’s two-silo bulk malt system guarantees brewers’ malt supply is always fresh, and never runs out.

Bulk malt reduces health and safety issues, and vastly improves efficiency of handling and storage. This saves craft brewers time, money and unnecessary effort.

Why does Gladfield provide two silos? We fill one at a time, and each will be completely empty before it gets refilled. To guarantee delivery before you run out, you switch to your other silo and are never caught short.

Gladfield Malt’s silos fit anywhere (they’re only 2.5 metres in diameter) and can be installed outside. This frees up valuable fermenter space, not to mention reducing that ever-present problem of rodent-proofing. What’s more, silos simply keep your malt store tidy.

Each silo holds 15 tonnes of malt, and is delivered by Gladfield Malt’s own custom bulk malt truck.

Not only does Gladfield grow its own barley, we malt it and deliver it too. You’ll deal direct with Gladfield Malt’s owners Doug and Gabi Michael, who don’t just own the business, they actually work in it and are only a phone call away.

Gladfield can also back-load beer to Christchurch at very competitive rates.